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How Can an Indie Brand Prepare For Retail Placement?


Yourlixir Multi-Functional Superfoods


Has any other bootstrapper here made a profit percentage agreement with their factory, rather than taking an investor or loan in order to scale up production when B2B interest has grown?

John Knauss

Schooled by Paper


Juvenile Products Expo. Invites the most popular product manufacturer and new products trying to get noticed


How can a new product with a very small profit margin survive the cost of marketing?

Fran Maghsoud

Yogi Sponge

Rachelle D'Souza

Altan Robotech (USA) Inc.


Just 3 points can get more market share - Standing desk.

Jimmy wei



I am about to prototype a revolutionary grill cleaning device. Does anyone have any tips on manufacturers?

Bill Masterson

Taravella Brands