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What are the steps for getting UPC/EAN compliant?

Alexa Murdoch

The Benjamin Group


For those of us just starting out, is it best generate some sales momentum with small, indy retailers before contacting a rep?

Alexander Salazar

Verbier Beverages


Has anyone used Lumi for product packaging? Thoughts?

Davison Landry

Chunk O' Change




What is the best way to get my product into large chain stores like Targets?

Kristin Mangelsen

Midwest Design Imports, Inc.


How should I think about QuickInsights consulting versus RepMail

Robert Hemingway

Louis Chino Creations


What are the Marketing strategy for new brands and products?

Priyank Patel

Naturez Ayurveda


is there a good way to approach a store


U.G.L.Y wears


Does anyone have thoughts on product exclusivity clauses? Pros, cons?

Charles Flemming

Chess Kingz Brands


How to get my products in a store

Eddlisa L Burke-Thompson

Strong Beauty Corporation


How can a new product with a very small profit margin survive the cost of marketing?

Fran Maghsoud

Yogi Sponge