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How do you let customers know about your company being on Abound?

Amanda Morgan

House of Morgan Pewter


What is the best way to connect with jewelry-focused sales reps for different geographies in the U.S.?

Sujan Doshi

LuvMyJewelry (LMJ)


Attention store owners!! your store shelves can be an attention getter with my cupcake soaps wholesale! it's fruity.. it's handmade and it's unique! people will fall in love with them. great seller... more.

Norma McElroy

Norma's Bath & Body


Any tips to get started on this platform? We are new to this!


Do you find sending out catalogs to potential wholesale accounts to be helpful? I have compiled a list of stores I think my product would appeal to. Wondering if others have had success with this strategy?

Bethany Priess

Outdoorable Kids


What has been the best way to get in front of retailers in your experience?

Kate Nuki




Zenobia Taylor-Weiss

Cellar Door Preserves


What kind of marketing material do retailers look for when ordering from a brand?


HNY Skincare


Is everyone wholesaling on Abound using a rep? Is there a place here for artisans who prefer selling directly to buyers?

Laurie Hayden

Glass Town USA


How to find a rep when you don't necessarily see a "match" here on Abound?

Alexis Mantione

My Two Ladies


How is consultancy call time monitored?




International shipping hurdles

Leann Campas



Tips to reaching out to big box stores

Sunchea Phou



What do you like most about Abound's platform?

Sunchea Phou



Are you a rep looking for a fun, attention grabbing, bath product to offer your stores? If so, please reach out and see what Soaring Suds Soap Co. has to offer you!

Leslie Edmunds

Soaring Suds Soap Co


I'd love to hear anyone's experience with Stockabl, Hubba and/or Tundra. We've had great success on Faire. These others, not so much yet.

Samantha Hoffman

RS Empowerment from Within


What is the best way to find a Sales Rep?

Nina Ruud

Cali Life Co.


Sweet Zap is a sugar blocker spray. It literally blocks your sweet taste buds from tasting sugar and artificial sweeteners. Sweet Zap has been helping people reduce their sugar intake and eventuall... more.

Appy Vohra



How does the retailer return policy work on Faire and Hubba? Is it maker-friendly?

Craig Mays

Mays Innovations


How to find a good importer for home textile products

ke zhu

Zibo Guper Textile


How are these tariffs effecting everyone else right now?

Kristin Mangelsen

Midwest Design Imports, Inc.


Any reps out there who would like to represent my products? Product portfolio includes charging cables (Apple MFi Certified and USB-IF Certified cables), AV cables (HDMI, DP, etc...), fiber optic cables (LC, SC, CS, etc...), dongles, hubs, and more.

George Yu

BlueBox Electronics Inc.


What is the best way to find a REP for a small Pumpkin Seed Oil company

Carl E. Schlacher

Schlacher & Söhne


How can you find out what the duty and taxes are for products made in the U.S.A shipping to Canada for wholesale accounts??

Sandra Mimran Smith

élevé intimates


What is the best way to reach out to retailers to carry your product?

Hall Banks

6:24 Handcrafted