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Who would be the best rep company to call to represent essential oils or bath and body products?

Stacey Martin

Urban's Edge


Is everyone wholesaling on Abound using a rep? Is there a place here for artisans who prefer selling directly to buyers?

Laurie Hayden

Glass Town USA


How to find a rep when you don't necessarily see a "match" here on Abound?

Alexis Mantione

My Two Ladies


Hi guys! Just curious who has worked with a rep and if you have any advice for beginning the relationship and setting expectations!

Nicole Smith

Nikki Smith Designs


What is the best way to find a rep who can present our organic skincare products to major retailers like Target, Whole Foods, and Sephora?

Nathan Townsie

Nature Loves You Skincare


What is the going rate for a rep?

Red Roo Gear

Redroo Gear llc


What is the best way to put our products in front of independent reps?

Callie Strinden

Morris Magnets


How do I find reps for my fragrance line?

Mercedes Matsuo

Wild Heart US


Hello Representatives, <br>We are pulling back our kids, juvenile, baby safety product line after a successful two years of licensing. <br> <br>Our new product allows the retailer to brand their ... more.

Steve Reed

Medical Data Carrier


Fotoluz is unique , it is art, it is an accessory, it is functional and it is for everyone.


How do I get my product into stores? I need help in making contacts with entities that I can share my product for examination to inspire interest.

David Mulford



Who are the reps in most cases?

Jay Amni



Are the sales reps commission based only

Jennifer Kassir

Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc


Once I connect with a rep, how much do they usually charge for commission?

Charles Flemming

Chess Kingz Brands