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Hi, what is the best way to find a good sales rep for our jewelry collections? And what is the traditional method to pay the rep? by commission or base Salary?

Felix Zhang

Felix Z Designs


Does anyone have experience of selling to Urban Outfitters or similar retailer? We just got an order from them and we need advice navigating the terms.

Alder Family

Fuze Body


What has been your best resource for growing wholesale in a boutique fashion market?

Tiffany Whipps

Tiffany Anne Studios


What is best way to reach West Coast buyers?

Gwendolyn Gardner

Simply Chickie


What is the most helpful collateral do you, as a rep or retail buyer, prefer to have from a brand when considering it for representation or purchasing?

Amy Wienecke

Marcus York, LLC


Social Media Marketing and selling on social media

Joe Haldiman

Fit N Seal


How many units make up minimum wholesale if all units are only crafted once?


Good afternoon, I present superior quality & the most luxurious authentic leather , shearling and fur pieces to the market

Azim Hanif

Mint Green Society