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Dogs love Pro Bakery bites because they taste great. We love them because they contain immune boosting probiotics & made with upcycled 'people' food.Read story

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About Ag-Alchemy Animal Nutrition

Ag-Alchemy is a family owned business that was established to create healthy and safe foods for our animals while offering a solution to the thousands of pounds of “less than perfect” food that would otherwise go to waste. Our founder & CEO, John Rotella's family owned and operated business, Rotella’s Italian Bakery, has been flourishing for 100 years, growing to one of the largest specialty bakeries in North America. Their success has positioned us with manufacturing expertise, robust relationships, stability, spirited culture & an understanding of the non-wavering commitment to the customer.
Upcycling provides an environmental solution to the food industry faced with millions of pounds of food, not meeting specifications and often wasted. Rather than disposing it, our manufacturing facility converts it into delicious dog treats and other animal food products. We alone can transform over 18 million pounds of aesthetically flawed bread per year.


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Managed by

Heidi Gillman

Heidi Gillman

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