The Beauty Bullet

The Beauty BulletThe Beauty Bullet

The Beauty Bullet

The Beauty Bullet "Make up in one Shot" Patent #US 9,820,552. This innovative idea gives a fresh new approach to an age old practice. The Beauty Bullet contains all of the items you would need for a full face of makeup, for day and/or night conveniently compacted and stationary in an "All in One Beauty Pen" eliminating lost items and clutter. The Beauty Bullet makes your daily makeup routine quick and easy. It also enables you to carry and pack the items needed for your daily routine without forgetting or losing one single item ever again. After the initial sale of the Beauty Bullet additional and continual sales will be generated with; Refills, Personalization, Seasonal Sales, At Home Items, Beauty App, and Licensing to other Cosmetic Companies so their brands of make up could be "compatible" for the Beauty Bullet like other coffee companies have the "K-Cup" compatible coffee. We are very anxious to share the next BIG THING with you! Kim Frymire A1 Cosmetics 609-723-4155 / 609-828-3433 (cell)

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  • December 14, 2017
    The Beauty Bullet is now on Abound

    Kimberly at A1 Cosmetics created an Abound product profile for The Beauty Bullet