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Tired of the impossible? Shopping with your 4 month old baby who is too small for shopping carts or high chairs? At last, there is a solution!Read story

Tired of the impossible? Shopping with your 4 month old baby who is...


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About MomoGo Baby

The MomoGo Baby Seat Insert is a soft, collapsible child seat insert designed to fit in all shopping carts and restaurant-style high chairs. While traditional covers are oversized and clumsy to install, the MomoGo Seat Insert is designed specifically to keep your infant and toddler seated in a comfortable upright position. It resembles a booster seat with sides extending up below the child’s arms, which provides support and ensures the child does not fall out of the sides of the chair. Three different types of straps help secure it to shopping cart seats and high chairs, and an inner safety buckle keeps your baby secured within the chair. There are two mesh pockets on each side, perfect for holding bottles, sippy cups, snack, toys, and other small items. It’s made from 100% polyester, so spills are easy to wipe clean, and the fold-and-go design ensures the insert can fit inside diaper bags and backpacks. The MomoGo Baby Seat Insert is what every parent has been waiting for!

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