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Huntington Beach, CAFounded in 2017

GLVSS represents flipping that whole connotation upside down. The V represents the Vision that we project for ourselves - that there are no boundariesRead story

GLVSS represents flipping that whole connotation upside down. The V...



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GLVSS proudly embodies the culture of streetwear and fashion. Every frame is meticulously designed to be a statement about aesthetic and precise craftsmanship.
Everything we do is for the minority, the creator, and the visionary.

We are a lifestyle brand that is a reflection of true life with its ups and downs, wins and losses. We hope to be a voice and inspiration to those who wish to grow with us. We are a transparent brand that wants to share our journey, and learn yours in the process.
To the rebels and the free-thinkers. To the movers, the shakers, the difference-makers.

Be you.

-GLVSS BRVND #Nothingtohide


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