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About Shiny Little Blessings

Shiny Little Blessings Founder Sabine Schoepke knows quite a bit about second starts and having to rely on the encouragement and kindness of others to start anew. After a painful period in her family’s life, where they had lost everything, she created Shiny Little Blessings with $300 in 2010.
An accomplished and passionate artisan, Sabine handcrafted jewelry as gifts of love and encouragement for family and friends. The response was so overwhelming Sabine began to envision a studio where affordable high-quality jewelry could be created in a workplace for women that put family first. 

​​Over 55,000 pieces of jewelry have been handcrafted since the company was founded, reflecting the enthusiastic response of customers who share Sabine’s passion, gifting loved ones with original pieces of jewelry that are beautiful as well as intimate.​​

Shiny Little Blessings is a social enterprise, donating a percentage of their sales to children and their families experiencing homelessness.

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Managed by

Sabine Schoepke

Sabine Schoepke

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