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Laurie Nadeau

Laurie Nadeau

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About Smokin' Mary

Founded and created by Laurie Nadeau, AKA The Gal in the Polka Dot Dress.
My journey began as a farmer’s daughter, the grand finale of 6 kids. Raised with strong work ethics and integrity. I remember my mother always having the best gardens with lots of tomatoes. That rubbed off on me. Having an abundance of tomatoes one year, I created Smokin Mary, by accident, in my quest for 'there's got to be a better way'. Meaning I knew I could create a better sauce/cocktail mixer than what was on the market and served in many bars/restaurants. I began my mission...5 yrs later, 16 revisions later, I took it my first product to market.
You can taste the difference: it starts with fresh produce, fresh spices, a hint of smoke and ends with big awards from across the USA. We have won in every competition entered, taking Gold, Double Gold and Best in Class awards not only as cocktail mixers, but additionally as a cooking ingredient in the kitchen.

Smokin’ Mary is the gourmet cocktail mixers and cooking sauces that now occupy bars and kitchens nationwide. Fresh whole tomatoes (no reconstituted tomato juice) contribute to a full flavor profile and a thicker consistency that stands up to ice melt and spirits which also adds to the depth of flavor in food recipes. Our mixers are great for fast turns in the bar that leave patrons with an amazing experience they never knew was coming. A great addition to recipes in the kitchen, Foodies love the depth and character Smokin’ Mary mixes add to their dishes. People like you love that everything for an award-winning cocktail is right in the mix—all they need is ice, spirits and garnish.

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Managed by

Laurie Nadeau

Laurie Nadeau

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