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Sweet on Vermont offers the finest handmade chocolate and other artisan confections.Read story

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About Sweet on Vermont

Sweet on Vermont has been making gourmet confections by hand in small batches since 1996. Vermont Maple Almond Brittle, Mooonlight in Vermont chocolate bars and Peanut Butter Pigouts are just a few of the many treats our longtime customers have described as “simply spectacular,” “like tiny fireworks going off inside my mouth” and “the finest we have ever had, and we have had chocolates from around the world.”

All our products are non-GMO, gluten-free and made with fair trade chocolate. SoV takes pride in its creations, with fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced from small, family-owned vendors; fundamental to our work is the personal service and mutual respect we share with our partners.

But nothing makes us happier than to see our customers close their eyes and go weak in the knees as they taste our mouthwatering confections. Try us and find out why one store owner told us, “I know I just placed an order, but I need a staff keeps eating up your product!”


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Managed by

Erika Henik

Erika Henik

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