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Nick Heuertz

Nick Heuertz

About Symbiotic Products LLC

I am a small business owner/operator of over thirty years. For twenty years I owned and operated my own brick-and-mortar retail shops. I recently shut them down to focus on sustainable product sales online and in person.

Our focus at Symbiotic Procucts LLC is to provide sustainable products to small and medium-sized retailers across the globe. Reasonable prices for the end-user and sustainable margin for the retailer are our goals.

We work hard to give the small and medium-sized businesses a fighting chance against the monopolies and duopolies of our world economy.

Sustainability is our job one. We avoid new, petroleum-based plastics with our whole hearts. Always looking for re-usable, recycled, and recyclable options. Bio-degradable and compostable are also preferred.

Bamboo and Hemp are our preference over "standard tree wood/cardboard", although we do use recycled and recyclable "wood" products when available as well.

With that in mind, we aim for cruelty-free, vegan, natural, and ethically sourced products as well.

When packaging, minimalism is our first option. We do our best to ship products in their retail packaging so an extra shipping box is not wasted. Again, we avoid any new plastic and always look to reuse packaging/boxes when we can.

Although no product is perfect, we take our goals seriously and fight alongside you for small and medium business sustainability! Thanks for ready, call, text or email me anytime, Nick 541-601-3738


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Managed by

Nick Heuertz

Nick Heuertz

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