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Once upon a time a gnome was placed in our hand. He was tiny with a...Read story

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About Touch of Nature

Once upon a time a gnome was placed in our hand. He was tiny with a welcoming face that made us smile. We were amused but our curiosity led us to wonder “Could this be something?” We began filling our plants with little doors and pathways. Our friends were finding gnomes in their mailboxes & fairies perched among their hostas. This was something alright & we were going to be a part of it in a big way. Since meeting that gnome our selection has expanded to many themes & beings. We have llamas, pixies, crazy-haired trolls & that barely scratches the surface. Our home décor is unlike anything else. The trees with carved faces are tastefully unique & conversation pieces to say the least. Our resin items are intricate no matter what their size & our wooden accessories are perfectly rustic, but easy to customize with a coat of paint. Quirky? Maybe…but, whether you’re a seasoned gardener, millennial houseplant nurturer, or crafty kiddo we have something to spark your creative soul.

Managed by

Ellie Rasmussen

Ellie Rasmussen

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