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Rancher, wife, AGvocate, and business owner, Charity Saulsberry is always on the move and devotes her life to everything beef industry. A New Mexico rancher alongside her husband Chad, Charity noticed a discord in home decor options while decorating her house. Most websites and stores brought up dairy cows when typing in ranch goods. Frustrated by the lack of beef and correct ranch jargon, Charity got to thinking and U-Spur was born, after all necessity is the mother of invention. At U-Spur Charity takes pride in providing anatomically correct cattle as well as working ranch equipment for her prints. All graphics are photos taken by Charity and reworked by graphic artist, she then then pairs each with a clever anecdote.

Generational ranch kids, both Chad and Charity have years of beef cattle knowledge under their belts. When not being the brain child of U-Spur, Charity is helping her husband move, medicate and feed cattle. Also a proud member of the New Mexico Cow Belle’s Association she recently moved into the presidential position where she will serve a one year term. If you couldn’t tell beef is her thing and U-Spur is 100% beef promotion. All items are hand printed right in the ranch house and because “cows don’t live on concrete”, there will never be a brick and mortar store. Everything will come directly from a real ranching family.

Charity also offer wholesale products to business owners.

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