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At Wellspring, we embrace life as an adventure and are inspired by artists. We focus on the small gifts that keep us connected, organized and unique. For inspiration, we travel to world markets to find innovative and fun ideas. We love brainstorming new ideas or how we can improve on others. It is important to us that our products are clean and functional. We are excited to work with you!

In the 1980s, an artist, chef and author named Joanne van Roden traveled the East Coast selling colorful seafood recipes. The small coastal towns loved her books and Wellspring was born. Headquartered in a Pennsylvania barn, Joanne signaled the delivery driver to pick up by placing a red geranium in the window. Now a third-generation family business, the red geranium is displayed up front as a symbol of customer care, commitment to excellence and the cultivation of meaningful relationships: the very principles on which our company was founded.

Managed by

Chad Van Roden

Chad Van Roden

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