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Premium dog bandanas, bows and bowties proudly made in Naples, FloridaRead story

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About Winnie and the Hound

I'm Lauren, the owner of Winnie and the Hound. We're a small shop based out of sunny Naples, Florida. I always dreamed of working with pets in some way and decided it was time to put my background in fashion and sewing to work for the pet community. With that, we launched in the summer of 2020.

I found that I wasn't happy with most bandanas I bought for my pup Winnie from the "big box" stores or websites. They were all either over-priced, didn't hold up, or didn't fit her well. So, I started to making her bandanas in my spare time.

I love working with new prints and patterns and, because of that, you'll find that a lot of our bandanas are reversible with complementary patterns and colors. I pour my heart into each piece I create and truly love this path I'm on. I hope that shows in everything I do and that you and your pup love each piece as much as I do!

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Managed by

Lauren Myers

Lauren Myers

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